Weapons of Mass Destruction= WMD.

We all seem to know that now.

5,000tons of ANFO was detonated in Australia, a decade ago. It registered as 6.2M Earthquake. Exactly as did Aceh, before the USA realised that something had gone badly wrong with their elimination of Muslim armed resistance to oil extraction.

Ironically. they had set off their explosives close to millions of tons of clathrates, solid frozen CH4, methane. USSN San Francisco nearly sank, finding that methane gas does not support a submarine, it plunged bow first into the seabed. 1/4 million humans died. Revised to a 3300 times greater event of 9.3M. Hospital ship, prepared over the preceding months, and heloed marines, invaded Aceh.

Fukushima followed, as Japan was holding onto Plutonium.

China warned Myanmar to move its capital inland, which it did.

The Tsunami weapon is clearly more useful against coastal civilizations, such as the one dubbed Oceania by George Orwell.USA spilled much oil and gas in the “Gulf”. A trap? Even Chicago can be damaged due to proximity to deep water.

In the USA?